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Fri 01 May One of the biggest barriers to smart home adoption is the cost of connecting everyday appliances such as light bulbs and outlets. While it may not be super elegant, it is certainly proving to be considerably cheaper than most solutions currently on the market. Inexpensive smart system The new and innovative device, Hook, connects inexpensive remote-controlled outlet adapters and bulb sockets to the Internet. This enables existing electric home appliances to be controlled with your phone from anywhere in the world. Hook essentially clones the RF connection over Wi-Fi, using a small hub device and a companion Smartphone app. After cloning the remote’s on-off functions, users can control their light bulbs and outlets from anywhere in the house with a smartphone. Hook should work with anything that uses the abovementioned frequency. Simply replacing a physical remote with a smartphone may not be too useful on its own, but Hook aims to work with IFTTT as well.

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How to Choose an Energy Efficient Water Heater There are more options now than ever before when choosing a water heater that saves on energy. There are four basic types you can choose from. This guide will walk you through the pros and cons of each. The upfront costs of a conventional water heater is going to be substantially lower than the higher-efficiency alternatives, but the operating costs over several years will also be higher.

If you decide on a storage water heater, consider the following: Estimate how much hot water your family or business will use each day and buy the appropriately sized tank.

If you just follow the money you will see..

I found it to be a simple installation and a marvelous savings.. I totally recommend everyone to get one. Why pay more for electric than you have to, thanks for the savings, I have told all my friends and relatives about this energy saver device , my brother purchased one after hearing about my savings, and he too is amazed at his savings! Thanks for a terrific American made product.

I installed an amp meter on each of my main utility legs. Here is my readings of both volt legs added together That is an instant drop of 6. I turned it on and off several times and the results were the same. Needless to say, i am very pleased. To understand what electrical loads I have in my home, I thought I would list them.

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The money will come from electricity consumers, who will in effect pay for power from the plant well before it is up and running in The McGuinty government disclosed reams of documents on Monday, revealing the costs associated with its decision two years ago to pull the plug on building the plant in the affluent enclave of Oakville, west of Toronto. The government inked a deal early Monday morning with TransCanada to relocate the plant in Lennox and Addington County, about kilometres from Ottawa, on the same site where Crown-owned Ontario Power Generation operates an oil- and gas-fuelled generating station.

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Homes like this are increasingly common. Dozens of builders are telling us this is happening. Or you can try using equipment designed for sailboats. The PassivhausA residential building construction standard requiring very low levels of air leakage, very high levels of insulation, and windows with a very low U-factor. To meet the standard, a home must have an infiltration rate no greater than 0.

The standard recommends, but does not require, a maximum design heating load of 10 W per square meter and windows with a maximum U-factor of 0. The Passivhaus standard was developed for buildings in central and northern Europe; efforts are underway to clarify the best techniques to achieve the standard for buildings in hot climates. But you might only need 25, Btuh for space heat. If you install a tankless heater with a capacity of 90, to , Btuh, which is typical for Americans in a northern climate, you end up with an appliance that is four times the capacity of your space heating needs.

To find the right equipment, Straube suggests that you consider a series of questions:

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Inefficient cars paid to go away. The original Cash for Clunkers was an economic stimulus for new stuff to replace the old stuff. Bailing out the Retiring, Retired and Canceled Clunkers, and then Everyone Else We know with certainty that the DOE proposal subsidizes the inefficient because those are the plants that will opt for the federal rate guarantee instead of market-based rates. How will this play out? DOE says there are 34 GW in projected retirements over the next five years.

But there are several ways you can protect your home.

Los Angeles Times The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline would carve a foot-wide swath through the Appalachian Mountains, including a several-mile stretch tracking and then crossing the Appalachian Trail — the revered 2, mile hiking route that extends from Georgia to Maine. The threat to the bucolic nature of that trail even though it already crosses roadways about every four miles has drawn a national spotlight to the project, one of a half-dozen pending or approved natural gas pipelines running from Appalachian shale fields to outlets along the East Coast and in the Midwest.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which recently issued a final environmental impact statement for the Mountain Valley project, needs to ensure that the pipeline, if it goes forward, will be minimally invasive to such beautiful terrain, and have as little impact on the Appalachian Trail as possible. Advertisement But the bigger question is when and whether such pipelines are necessary, and whether FERC, which must approve all interstate gas pipelines, is up to the task of deciding.

It seems foolish to weigh the merits of pipeline proposals individually, and without accounting for the entire environmental impact of moving gas to market. They say it does not adequately weigh public input and fails to take a broad view of the state of the natural gas supply, as well as its impact on the environment. Bay an Obama appointee argued that while FERC has been approving pipelines to ship gas from the Marcellus and Utica shale fields in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, it “has never conducted a comprehensive study of the environmental consequences of increased production from that region” in determining the environmental impacts of the pipelines themselves.

Such a narrow focus fails, for instance, to account for the amount of methane incidentally released into the atmosphere, which has an exponentially higher short-term impact on global warming than carbon dioxide. What’s more, just because a pipeline’s builders can show they have buyers for the gas does not mean the pipeline is necessary; nor does the short-term demand justify infrastructure investment with half-century shelf life. FERC officials say they listen to all sides, and note that the commission lacks the authority to regulate how gas is produced or captured — just how it reaches its market.

To be sure, natural gas is a better alternative to higher-polluting coal in generating electricity or heating homes which it long ago supplanted , but gas is still a fossil fuel and the world should be focused on weaning itself as much and as fast as it can to limit the worst effects of global warming. There are several reform proposals floating around to make FERC more effective. One, introduced by two Virginia Democrats in the Senate and by a West Virginia Republican in the House , would tackle several issues, including requiring more public hearings in more locations along a planned pipeline route.

Another proposal is to change the framework for how FERC measures need, requiring it to consider the aggregate impact of pipelines, rather than just taking each application as it comes.


Sidebar Blue Buffalo admits to bullshitting consumers, lawsuit with Purina heats up Blue Buffalo admitted the truth in court yesterday: Blue Buffalo asked the Court for additional time to file an Amended Complaint in the litigation, naming its ingredient suppliers as Defendants. In its original suit, Purina alleged independent tests showed that Blue Buffalo uses chicken by-products, egg shells, rice hulls and artificial preservatives in its products — despite claims to the contrary.

Blue Buffalo has continued to make claims in its advertising that none of its pet foods contains animal by-products thereby implying that Blue pet foods are healthier for pets than competitive foods that contain by-products. What is chicken or poultry by-product meal? Animal by-products generally are thought to include organs — lung, spleen, kidney, brain, liver — blood, bone, fatty tissue, stomach and intestines.

It took less than a minute to take the coil pack off and put a new one in.

By Brian Glastetter July 6, Few topics in the automotive repair business are as controversial and confrontational as the fee for a diagnosis. Should a customer have to pay for the time the mechanic spends figuring out what is wrong with a vehicle or only for the repairs he or she actually makes? These days, don’t technicians just plug the car into a computer to figure out what’s wrong? Everyone, from consumers to advice columnists, have a strong opinion on this topic.

He wanted us to find out why his power seat would not move forward. We removed the side panel and tested the wiring and electronic motor circuits. The customer declined the repairs and asked us to reassemble the seat. I already knew that.

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Shutterstock One of the hottest questions among energy nerds these days has to do with the interaction of electric vehicles and the electricity grid. Will EVs remain passive consumers of electricity, like toasters or refrigerators, the way they are now? Or will they be able to communicate with the grid and send power back to it when needed? The answer depends on both technology and economics. A new study contains reason for great optimism.

The number of people inside a house.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter What if almost the entire newspaper industry got it wrong? What if, in the mad dash two decades ago to repurpose and extend editorial content onto the Web, editors and publishers made a colossal business blunder that wasted hundreds of millions of dollars? What if the industry should have stuck with its strengths—the print editions where the vast majority of their readers still reside and where the overwhelming majority of advertising and subscription revenue come from—instead of chasing the online chimera?

Buttressed by copious mounds of data and a rigorous, sustained argument, the paper cracks open the watchworks of the newspaper industry to make a convincing case that the tech-heavy Web strategy pursued by most papers has been a bust. The key to the newspaper future might reside in its past and not in smartphones, iPads and VR. These findings matter because conventional newspapers, for all their shortcomings, remain the best source of information about the workings of our government, of industry, and of the major institutions that dominate our lives.

If we give up the print newspaper for dead, accepting its demise without a fight, we stand to lose one of the vital bulwarks that protect and sustain our culture. Chyi and Tenenboim studied the total in-market i.

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Regarding what he called a “vibrant” and “competitive” landscape for television and video distribution and content, Petrocelli argued: The last time the government won a case against this type of vertical merger — one in which two companies don’t directly compete in any business arena — Richard Nixon was president, he added. He has also defended Time Warner and Disney in the past. On Tuesday, Petrocelli pointed to a new live channel service from YouTube, a unit of Alphabet ‘s Google, as “a real bullet in the government’s theory” because it does not include content from the Turner networks, which are owned by Time Warner.

And that’s the world today,” he told CNBC.

Solar panels are going to give you a more consistent result as power can be stored in batteries during cloudy days and at night.

Find out if you could save money on your electricity bill by switching to Lumo Energy. What utilities does Lumo Energy offer? Electricity Who can sign up with Lumo Energy? They serve half a million customers needs across four states and offer a range of packages to suit users with varying needs. Who is Lumo Energy? They offer a range of packages, including plenty of options for solar owners. What packages does Lumo Energy offer?

Lumo Energy offer three packages for residential users, that all have different rates and perks. Some are only available in certain areas, so check their website with your state for full information. For your home The packages are listed below: Lumo Options This package is designed for renters, or people staying somewhere temporarily. It is a no commitment, month to month service.

It also offers some shopping rewards and has no exit fees. Lumo Basic Similar to Lumo Options this package provides you with flexibility and a no lock in contract.

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The hook for local households and small businesses is zero upfront cost for the technology, which would include 6. Each participant will also have access to advanced software interface with all metering included and lifetime service and replacement as part of the lease agreement. Redback, meanwhile, will source all the technology, install all systems, offer ongoing tech support, and run an operations centre to manage the Virtual Power Plant.

The project comes at a time when the WA rooftop solar market is booming, in lockstep with most of the rest of Australia, as households and small businesses choose to take control — at least partially — of their energy supply and costs. According to project lead, Emma Morgan, some of the most commonly offered responses included: This will not only save VPP participants money through energy self-generation and consumption, but should appeal to the local network and distribution companies, who can conceivably use the pooled energy resource to shave peak loads and save on infrastructure.

The last time the government won a case against this type of vertical merger — one in which two companies don’t directly compete in any business arena — Richard Nixon was president, he added.

Introductio n and Summary Dear readers: An atom is made of a nucleus orbited by electrons. Bacteria continually take nitrogen from the atmosphere and combine it with other elements, such as hydrogen ammonia is made of one nitrogen and three hydrogen atoms , in a process known as nitrogen fixing, and that captured nitrogen becomes incorporated into plants, through their roots. With molecular biology coming into its own, the analysis of DNA and genes has provided evidence previously unavailable.

Earth cannot sup port that many millions of people using the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, because of digestible energy. European technology began advancing again with the rise of European cities, as did new social institutions. England was largely defor ested by the s, and then Elizabethan England needed ships to join the global empire game that Europe was beginning to play.

Inserting the previous temp eratures into that equation, we get 1. Combining the equations yields a result of one.

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By developing this dedicated work force, the company has been able to more quickly respond to requests for gas main installation due to an increase in municipal, commercial, industrial, residential and other large construction projects, allowing other Consumers Energy employees to concentrate on emergent work and other projects. The EIRP employees are unique because they: Are assigned to one of three geographic locations around the state — Birch Run, Brighton and Bellevue — where equipment and project assignments are collected.

Do not respond to gas emergencies, allowing them to focus on completing enhancement projects in a safe and timely manner.

I looked at my utility bill and my average monthly consumption over the last thirteen months has been KWh with a peak last November of KWh.

For now, technological improvements that would help store additional power, and better distribute it across and between countries, are lagging. But regulatory tweaks could make a difference. Germany, for example, does not do enough to encourage customers to increase their use at times of oversupply. On a basic level, that could be as simple as providing incentives for people to turn on the washing machine when power is plentiful, and cheap. Companies could make even more use of such guidance, ramping up energy-hungry tasks at times of low-cost electricity.

The wholesale costs of power make up only about a fifth of the average household electricity bill in Germany. The rest is a stew of taxes, fees to finance renewable-energy investments, and charges for use of the grid. That means their bills are lower than they otherwise would be, because power prices are sometimes negative, though household energy bills have been rising over all anyway.

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