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Maintenance of the codes. Existing law directs the Legislative Counsel to advise the Legislature from time to time as to legislation necessary to maintain the codes. This bill would make nonsubstantive changes in various provisions of law to effectuate the recommendations made by the Legislative Counsel to the Legislature. The postgraduate training required by this paragraph shall have been obtained in a postgraduate training program accredited by the ACGME or postgraduate training completed in Canada that is accredited by the RCPSC. The board may also adopt regulations authorizing the substitution of additional specialty board certifications for years of practice or licensure when considering the certification for a physician and surgeon pursuant to this section. Section of the Business and Professions Code is amended to read: A licensed midwife may assist the woman in pregnancy and childbirth only if an examination by a physician and surgeon trained in obstetrics and gynecology is obtained and the physician and surgeon who examined the woman determines that the risk factors presented by her disease or condition are not likely to significantly affect the course of pregnancy and childbirth. The licensed midwife may consult and remain in consultation with the physician and surgeon after the referral or transfer.

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July 9, at My kids in I fell in love with this movie; the 3D was amazing. My kids are still excited till this day cause they got to see the movie before all their friends. July 10, at 1: Sadly I wanna see Despicable Me 2 I got to find a kid to make it seem right lol..

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June 25, Collossus Records was started in by Jerry Ross, a promoter and producer who had some success producing minor hits in the early s, especially on his Heritage label. Although it started independently, Ross soon sold the label to MGM. Ross had set up a distribution deal with MGM in to distribute his Heritage label. After those two albums, Ross sold the label to MGM.

He added Mariska Veres, the dark-haired woman singer with the husky voice, Klaasje van der Wal on bass, and drummer Cornelius van der Beek. They signed with the Pink Elephant label in Holland, and recorded “Venus” in Jerry Ross was running Heritage Records in when he went to Europe to check on how the latest Bill Deal record was doing. He heard another Dutch group, the Shocking Blue, when he visited Hamburg. A little later, he heard the George Baker Selection, another Dutch group, and decided to sign them all to a new label and distribute their records in the United States.

All three groups enjoyed immediate success in the United States, and their simultaneous success started people talking about a “Dutch Invasion,” like the “British Invasion” of six years earlier.

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What can be worse than depriving yourself of good food and good company? A couple that grows fat together, stays together. These are places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. It is loved by taxi drivers looking to curb their hunger pangs in the middle of the night.

I told myself I wouldn’t drink before, then I rationed that a glass of cognac isn’t “really” drinking because I save that for special occasions.

She’s super smart, has her shit together, but has the dorky streak that I usually go for too. She’s incredibly nice, and, as I’ve found with most super nice girls, she doesn’t drink. Nor does she do anything else really. Obviously, I drink, and I made that clear to her pretty early in our conversations. She said that it isn’t a problem, and to be honest, I can’t imagine casual alcohol consumption being a deal breaker for most people in their early 20s.

Except, my consumption is far from casual. We went out Friday night. I told myself I wouldn’t drink before, then I rationed that a glass of cognac isn’t “really” drinking because I save that for special occasions. One glass became three, a few beers got mixed in. Nothing that’ll do much to me, but, you know.

I still didn’t want to drink before it. We met at one of my usual spots for trivia. Usually, when I’m there, I put down 6 or 7 beers during trivia, and kick ass. I didn’t want to give a bad impression on a first date, so I kept it to 2 beers.


The back and sides were made of laminated flamed maple with a solid spruce top. Later the top was changed to laminated spruce. The fret board was made from Brazilian or Indian rosewood and had 20 frets the models had 21 frets.

I Crushed a few of those before I decided to text her, and she said she had a ton of fun, thought I was cool or whatever, and wants to see me in the future.

No Unwelcome Content or Prohibited Behavior Unwelcome content and prohibited behavior as defined by Reddit is never allowed. Additionally, comments deemed overtly racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. No Image Posts Do not post images unless they contain newly-released album artwork, a track listing, tour dates, or other images containing relevant information that has not yet been posted.

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Driving in Las Vegas can be a bear. And it’s no wonder, with more than 39 million visitors adding to the existing local population of two million each year. With a steady stream of traffic on all the main arteries, roadways filled with rental cars, and a seemingly endless sea of red lights, it’s important to have a dependable policy in place. That’s where our local agents come in. Whether you’re near the Strip in Paradise, in one of the villages in Summerlin, or down in Henderson, you’ll find there’s a nearby advisor to help you decide on coverage that keeps you well protected, without burning a hole in your pocket that’s what the occasional game of Black Jack on Freemont Street is for.

There are also cross border bus terminals throughout Hong Kong.

Independent Contractors Exempt Employers Some individuals and groups of workers are exempted by law from workers’ comp insurance. To elect coverage for exempted employments subject to Montana State Fund approval , please call us at The employments that are exempted include: Sole proprietors, working members of a partnership, working members of a limited liability partnership and working members of a member-managed limited liability. Dependent members of an employer’s family or spouse for whom an exemption may be claimed by the employer under the Federal Internal Revenue Code.

This provision applies only to sole proprietorships and partnerships. Household or domestic employees whose typical duties include house cleaning and yard work. Employees whose duties include home health care or domiciliary care are not household or domestic employees. Casual employment that is not part of the usual business of the employer.

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Jun 16, 1 Advertisement Best. I just got off work and I am still hyped about it! So I go into work today as always around 8am.

The new guns had a strengthened action, a hold-open to signify an empty magazine, a pistol-grip stock and an improved rear sight.

Come and celebrate the music, food and dances representing the many Latin American countries that are represented in the Lowcountry. Live music and salsa dancing make this a guaranteed good time. Expressing Our Inner Voices: The Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head Island features 20 large-scale sculptures created by artists from across the country placed along the 1-mile walking path at the Coastal Discovery Museum.

The event runs four months and is open during regular hours. The exhibition includes landscapes, portraits, interiors, and still life by leaders of French Impressionism, and major paintings by Post-Impressionist artists. Karis Art Gallery is proud to present the work of Greg Barnes for their first art exhibition this fall. Greg is an accomplished plein air artist who received his formal training at Wake Forest Univeristy. Landscapes are Greg’s love. He enjoys painting on location and as a result of working quickly, leans towards impressionism.

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Waterfall in Serra da Canastra. Paleontology[ edit ] Maxakalisaurus. The discovery of the Maxakalisaurus topai Dinoprata fossils was a significant paleontological find. It was closely related to Saltasaurus , a sauropod considered unusual because it had evolved apparently defensive traits, including bony plates on its skin and vertical plates along its spine; such osteoderms have also been found for Maxakalisaurus.

In this workshop, join three local artists to create your own decorative and educational herbarium using locally found materials, handmade paper, illustrations, and poetic prose.

The garrison also maintains community facilities and pro collection and processing requirements. Hours of opera The post office provides all services, includ tion are 9 a.. Kautz, commander of the Department By , the 25th Infantry Regiment had replaced the 10th Cavalry of Arizona, ordered that a camp be established in the Huachuca Moun as the main combat unit for the fort. Club Agency Dating S. Club Agency Dating Http: The Woodlawn Collaborative is establishing an umbrella and a shared space venue and backoffice of students and Chicago Southside residents and organizations to work on collaborative art, intellectual, service and pedagogical initiatives, in partnership with First Presbyterian Church 64th St.

USAEPGs Virtual Elec a day on three shifts, and flies more than torate, is offering developmental, operational tronic Proving Ground allows for testing in a 5, hours a year. Known for her elegant couture collection and secondary readytowear lines. The troop has more honors with the salute battery on appropriate hearts of local citizens by actively supporting than 20 volunteer members, which includes a occasions.

The YWSI takes the complex relationship between gender and leadership as its focus. Robert Pattinson Now Dating M. For assistance in filling out that command, including the 11th Signal the claims packet or resolving any problems Post Guide www. Try again in 30 minutes.

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I cannot even begin to explain how unethical this place was. By the time that I left, there were only three women out of over staff in any level of a management position. I started dating a man with the same title as myself, graduated from the same University, in the same year, and I found out he was making almost double my salary. They hired their first black, female engineer and all you ever heard from everyone was that they were afraid of her.

Not because of anything that she’d ever done, but because they had to modify their racist, misogynistic behavior when she was in the room.

Over families enjoyed as Gru voice by Steve Carrell , his beautiful girls, and the minions saved the day again.

Tickets purchased on it3. If you intend to begin your journey from Guangzhou, most times of the year you can obtain tickets on the spot at Guangzhou East Railway station. However, at peak season, you will want to book ahead to have a reserved seat. To avoid this, MTR has an officially appointed ticketing agency on the China side for multilingual inquiry and booking. This company has been confirmed by MTR customer service and is: Alternatively, China International Travel Service has non-real time inquiry and booking service in English.

Many of the better quality hotels in Guangzhou will also have an affiliated travel agents where you can book and pay for train tickets, so contact them as well. Reservation for Guangzhou-Kowloon trains usually opens 28 to 30 days before departure. Some trips also stop at Guangzhou Railway Station. Tickets can be bought at the Shenzhen Rail Station in Luohu. A project is underway to link the entire Pearl River Delta area with high speed rail network.

The Guangzhou— Zhuhai near Macau , Guangzhou— Shenzhen High Speed Rail a different railway, originating from Shenzhen North Station and terminating in Guangzhou South Station, than the Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity train mentioned above have opened in , and the journey takes just 57 minutes and 35 minutes respectively. A new long distance line from Guangzhou to Beijing travels through major cities such as Changsha , Wuhan , Zhengzhou and Shijiazhuang.

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Click on each link to see the details of the latest tournaments. Our annual tournament takes place in both Brush and Ft. Morgan and includes more than 30 teams in up to 10 different divisions! Summer Sizzler Baseball Tournament The Summer Sizzler is our mid summer baseball tournament featuring competitive teams from all over Colorado and a few teams from out of state. This tournament features 3 age divisions, including 15 and under, 12 and under and 10 and under and the baseball itself is topped off with a free pool party and BBQ for players and coaches.

Bogert 25 March , William S.

As stated recently her comms are shit. Long gaps of communication, which was fine for a while and I worked around it, but we got to where it was 20 minutes before I was going to see her and I was on my way, and she “fell asleep” which she apologized for later on, but it was a huge waste of time. I know these girls get shit for not doing things immediately, and I can appreciate they have lives and stuff going on too, but that was horseshit. I hit up kassidy after the fact.

She had me waiting a bit at one point but comms were pretty good. She wanted to do a car date because of something that had to do with her roommate, I didn’t care because I like car dates, they’re fun and feel naughty. She’s a trip man she is cool and funny. Let me just say too she’s the absolute best in jax at giving head, hands down. Mariah has been dethroned imo. Lots of fun was had, PM for extra details but you guys know her, totally worth it, great time.

Saw allie today because of past reviews and the recent one reminded me of her and I never met her so I figured what the hell, titties. To keep it short, here’s a pros and cons list. Glad I tried for myself, would not repeat.