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Breweries open and breweries close. That microbrewery rave turns out to be a one-off miracle due to the weekend cleaner dropping his stash into the mash by accident. And that rare Tibetan Llama Pooh Beer really was just that – liquid camel diarrhoea. So what beers are easily available in the bottle and have acquired a name that even a spotty beer novice still drinking with stabilisers would recognise? Well, here are thirty English beers that through a combination of luck, drunken raving and sheer endurance have earned the reputation of classic. Jim Porter, the brewer, had tried for five years to produce a beer to rival the clarity and purity of Bass. Even though he failed, he did come up with something new which has been much-copied since. Expectations of any classic beer are high, but this one disappoints more than most. Drinking it chilled robs it of any character. Brewed since in Burton-on-Trent.


Cumbrian company Herdy has created a new edition featuring bits not normally seen on a stuffed toy. The firm believe this soft Herdwick is the first “teddy with testicles” to ever be produced in the UK. This product – which has been limited to a run of and is known as My Herdy Best in Show – goes on sale today and was inspired by this year’s Matterdale and St Johns in the Vale Sheep Show, which took place last month.

He has a slight hump on both his front and back.

Already since the beginning, the Clemens teddy bears and animals have conquered many children’s hearts in Germany and abroad. Boyds Collection Boyds plush teddy bears, Boyds bearstone resin ornaments, gift message teddy bears, Boyds home stuff, Boyds yankee candle toppers, Boyds dolls, Boyds catalogue’s. Many of them are commisioned by us in very small numbers, usually up to 5 maximum, plus others are one of a kind.

Charlie Bears Please note that after our existing Charlie Bears stock has gone, we will no longer be offering Charlie Bears products. If you wish to visit our store, we are in a central england location within easy driving distance of Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and the West Midlands. We opened the doors to Ashby Bears in to specialise in quality collectable gifts, cuddly teddy bears and animals.

Since the original teddy bear by Steiff in , the world of teddy bears is always changing. New design inspirations, keeps teddy bear collecting fresh and exciting. Quality Gifts and Collectables.


Facilities Description This unique shop is home to a huge range of traditional and limited edition teddy bears all made onsite in Ironbridge. Within the shop is a small museum with some of the earliest Merrythought teddy bears as well as many other characters created by Merrythought over the years. The story of Merrythought began in , when Gordon Holmes, owner of a mohair spinning mill in Yorkshire, recognised an opportunity to make beautiful soft toys from this special Angora fleece.

The toy is handmade in Shropshire by Merrythought Teddy Bears, the last remaining teddy makers in Britain.

They had once been very well loved but as the years passed them by and they lost a little stuffing and became saggy and threadbare in places, with their noses almost kissed away they were soon disregarded! Rather Sadly for them both they were now only admired by the moths that visited them and it wasn’t long before they were thrown into complete darkness in a battered Old suitcase and had the lid shut firmly down on them and placed out of sight!

Several years later they were found inside that same old suitcase and immediately sent off to the Local Auction house. They both dearly hoped that someone would perhaps rescue and love them once more! That person was indeed me and I brought them back home and nursed them back to health again and sprinkled them with love. That was just the beginning of our story here at Once upon a time bears and we soon opened up our doors wider to more old Forgotten and unloved bears , some have stayed with us while many more have found loving homes and continue to do so.

Its really all due to our first Special love for Miss Merrylegs and Captain Rodney that we have continued with our quest to rescue and nurse back to health the old, forgotten and poorly bears and to help find them all loving homes again! We know you wouldn’t want to miss anything


About Old Teddies We aim to bring you a selection of appealing quality antique teddy bears at competitive prices. In addition, vintage teddies from the continent, USA and Australia may make their way here, hoping to find a good home. We try to source old toys mainly dating from pre through to the s, but may sometimes include more recent limited editions from the best quality factories such as Steiff or Merrythought.

From the almost pristine, unplayed with bear, to the well-loved character who has clearly meant a great deal to his previous young owner , their condition varies. While the latter type holds a special appeal for some collectors, we always give a full description, and make a point of mentioning any ‘injuries’ or repairs Ted may have had.

Most of the footpads had less of a point, with smaller feet from the previous decade.

Gyles is holding Pudsey’. Picture by Simon Hulme Published: Sharon Dale went to meet them. Pictures by Simon Hulme. Acting in loco parentis for more than 1, teddy bears is a role that Gyles Brandreth takes very seriously, although he is not generally the serious sort at all. The loquacious broadcaster and writer, now 68, has more bounce than Tigger and a brain that delivers a constant stream of wisecracks, puns and stories.

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Established in Merrythought is one of the oldest and most prestigious of England’s toy manufacturers. For over 60 years the magic of Merrythought has delighted adults and children of all ages with a range of traditional hand crafted toys that are more than mere playthings. A Merrythought toy is a joy forever – a treasured family friend to be passed down from generation to generation – valued heirloom that’s guaranteed to give year after year of lasting pleasure. The history of Merrythought provides a fascinating insight into early 19th Century England – a period of considerable industrial change and development.

The story actually began in when Mr B. Holmes the present Managing Directors grandfather went into partnership with a Mr GHI Laxton to open a spinning mill in Yorkshire to quite simply manufacture mohair yarn from imported raw materials.

Perhaps consumers have become so inundated with cheap, throw-away, mass-produced toys that they now recognise again the value and longevity of a quality traditional toy such as the Merrythought bear.

I am now honored to reach out to the collectors and owners of unidentified bears, stuffed animals and vintage toys. Ken did this for years and was an expert appraiser. I was his understudy or apprentice and together we viewed and enjoyed each and every request that came our way. Appraising bears online will be a fun adventure for all of us. We will share our discoveries here on this web page. Meeting new faces, in teddy bear form, and sharing the knowledge I have gathered, will be a joy.

Together we can discover that everything old can be newly appreciated! Beary best, How much is your beloved bear worth? See below for details on the appraisal procedure.

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In , one of the Deans family, a certain Captain Henry Samuel Dean, together with a fellow director of the firm had produced a rag book. This was a fairly simple affair — a single colour print except for the cover which had two colours on calico. It had the benefit that when soiled by a child, it could be washed rather than expensively replaced. Diversification followed and rag books in all sizes were made — and in colour. Photograph Albums, postcard albums, cut-out doll sheets, kites, blow-up toys and rag dolls were just some items produced over the next ten years.

The firm was established in Neustadt, with the emphasis on doll making in

Tuesday, 18 May Norah Wellings catalogue Here is a very interest Norah Wellings catalogue, dating from the s. It is a fairly large format, almost A3. I haven’t managed to get the pages in order here, I also only took one photo of the doll pages, there were a lot more. I was most interested in the soft toy and Teddy Bear items. Look how much these look like Steiff pom-pom animals. Norah Wellings made few bears, here is one of them, dressed in a suit.

Later on you will see one which is made as a pyjama case. This is about all you see in bears. I am sure you all recognise the distinct animals with velvet trousers; these turn up fairly often. I think this elephant or mammoth looks rather nice, not sure I have seen him before.

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Severus, whose father was neglectful and possibly even violent, began to identify with his mother’s family and created a secret nickname from his mother’s maiden name, calling himself the “Half-Blood Prince”. His unhappy relationship with his father may have been the origin of his disdain for Muggles. It is implied that Severus was friendless and uncared for by his parents. This lack of care largely shaped Severus’s bitter disposition and cruel behaviour later in his life.

Severus grew up at Spinner’s End , a shabby suburb of Cokeworth.

The button is still used to distinguish Steiff toys from fakes.

Three years later, a doctor in Ulm diagnosed her with polio. Many attempted cures and doctor visits were all in vain and her parents begin to despair. She was taken to school in a handcart by her siblings and neighbouring children. A woman living near the school carried her up into the classroom every day. In spite of the pain in her right hand, Margarete also took sewing lessons, initially against her father’s wishes. At 17, she finally completed her training as a seamstress.

When Marie and Pauline left their home town some 8 years later, Margarete continued on her own.

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The first Chiltern teddy bear was called The Master Teddy, a funny little fellow that was un-jointed and had a dressed cotton cloth body and mohair hands, face and paws. The most distinctive part of this Chiltern bear was the fact he had white painted glass eyes that made him have a googly eyed look and not at all like the later Chiltern bears we have come to love for their endearing faces. The owner of the company was a man called Joseph Eisenmann and unfortunately he did not live long enough to know how successful Chiltern would become at making bears.

The eldest of his three daughters, Sarah, was working at Merrythought at the time so took over the running of the company; she was shortly joined by her younger sister Hannah who left her career in London to join the family firm; together they are the fourth generation in the Holmes family to be involved in the company.

During his Oxford days, Lord Sebastian Flyte was seldom seen without a teddy bear firmly clasped to his richly waistcoated chest as he hurried from one drinking den to the next. Seen by millions in the classic serialisation of Brideshead Revisited, that bear, Aloysius, became as much of a star as the effete leading men Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons. Scroll down for more But now, with a big-budget, feature-length version soon to commence filming, an extraordinary hullabaloo has scattered the pigeons from literature’s hushed cloisters.

One of the new film’s scriptwriters, Andrew Davies, announced last week: Waugh wouldn’t have put Aloysius in there unless he thought he was an appropriate symbol of Sebastian not growing up. I would never have dropped him. Scroll down for more And yet, as the rumpus raged, the ursine actor kept his head down. Indeed, the great bear has not been seen in any of the usual celebrity haunts for many years.

While his co-star Anthony Andrews went on to forge a glittering career on the stage and small screen, and Jeremy Irons, who played Charles, became a Hollywood leading man with an Oscar under his belt, Aloysius simply disappeared. Theories abounded as to his whereabouts. Some said he had followed his old master to Morocco where he drank himself to an early grave. He was reportedly spotted walking arm in arm with an equally camp teddy in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.

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He has cultivated the art of deception to its finest level. Lies, misrepresentations and deceitful pretences are the hallmark of his character. You are a fool and flunkey rolled into one.

Farnell bears usually have amber glass eyes and ears set at an angle.

Kirby is a late s teddy bear. Very small and in the worst state. When Kirby arrived at the door I was quick to pull his package open, I found the edge and wildly pulled as hard as I could to release him from his plastic postage envelope, in that instant I immediately regretted what I had just done, like mustard gas, the smell puffed out with great speed as I pulled, it wafted straight into my face and entered my mouth and nostrils!

I bent over double and began to cough and splutter, eventually dry-heaving a few times before I managed to pull open the front door for air and regain my decorum. Look at him, does he stink? Kirby smelt like the inside of a chain smoking year old hag, a Disney witch with a constant supply of Marlboro Reds hidden inside the wart of the end of her nose…actually he also looked like one too. The horrific stench of old nicotine had permeated his sad withered body, he was sticky to the touch from a thick coating of nicotine and he also had a weird chemical plastic smell..

SO anyway, Kirby went in a box with some mothballs…for two months. Photograph your bear really carefully, closely and in great detail from all angles, you will need these pics to remind you of these looks, where bits and bobs went and what parts of the bear you like as they are now because you are about to enter phase 2. All kinds of baddies live in old bear fillings and can actually make YOU ill and your bear so please think before keeping it.

You can buy kapok, toy stuffing and wood wool online and they are all worth the investment to save an old bear.. Once you have taken the filling out you can unwind the cotter pins and pull the limbs off gently in the past I have had to cut some old rusty cotter pins with metal snips but you can also re-buy cotter pins for very little where possible please save the discs as they can often be re-used!

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