But how and when did these guys get so big? This is the untold truth of BTS. After he auditioned for TV talent show Superstar K, Jungkook reportedly received calls from seven different K-pop agencies, but he chose Big Hit over bigger names. According to RM formerly known as Rap Monster, the dream back then was to create a hip-hip idol band. The idea was that the boys would learn more about hip-hop and its culture through working with industry legends such as Warren G. While filming the show, the group put on its first American concert , doing a last-minute gig at L. While going global was always the ultimate goal, Hitman Bang had a much humbler target in mind at the time. It was their online presence that ultimately helped the BTS boys break into the U. Back when they were filming American Hustle Life, they struggled to get random girls on the street to appear in their music video, but this time, the welcome was quite different. They became involved in a heated exchange with paparazzi, but Big Hit execs didn’t care — they were reportedly thrilled that they’d caused such a ruckus.

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Chanyeol, one of the members of the band, said that they used to argue a lot before. Asia Stars News reported that when the boys were asked what changes have happened to them since they started, they all chorused that they are much closer now. They have overcome the days when they butt heads a lot. Aside from getting closer, they have also made themselves richer and more popular. Recently, they announced that their comeback will be an explosive one.

Usually Baekhyun rarely posts anything.

We are going to post some of them below obviously not all of them because there are too many , You guys wrote: I… Are you okay admins? I know you guys are not… I am too because of this issue. I am still far from accepting the revelation that taeyeon and baekhyun are dating. More specifically, us chanbaek shippers are sad at the moment. I want Baek to be happy but it just makes my skin crawl: But yeah… Baekhyun and Taeyeon? Just what do you think about it?

T Guys you would probably knew that Baekhyun and Taeyeon is dating right? What about our precious Chanbaek??!! What were they all this time? Was it all just fan service. Do you think that will change something with his relationship with Chanie?

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In series of photos, Chanyeol is seen looking at the direction of Joy while his superior and hyoung Heechul is playing around with her. Chanyeol initially looks at the direction of Joy until he realizes Heechul is gone and Joy looks back towards Chanyeol. But once Heechul comes back to Joy, Chanyeol is seen taking steps back to take a picture with another member. By looking at these awkward interaction between the two, the fans and netizens have speculated that some type of relationship has formed between EXO Chanyeol and Red Velvet Joy.

The casts later arrive at their new home and are assigned to their respective rooms.

Never before has Kpop been blessed with such a varied potpourri of scandal! We are truly spoiled for choice. Where to even begin…? With an illicit romance? Or how about some racist iconography? After years of agencies hogging the scandal spotlight, the idols struck back. Her follow up letters of apology have not, as of yet, gained the same notoriety, but we eagerly await a possible comeback.

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It was when I was in middle school. They offered Chinese classes at my school and I was taking them. I had been taking them since sixth grade. It was the summer between seventh and eighth grade. In two months, I would be in eight grade. My parents and two of my friends parents got together and decided to go to China.

My friend, Maddy, was half Chinese and half Caucasian. They wanted her to go connect back to her roots. It was Mia, Maddy, and I, along with our parents going to China.

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To be honest, everything has already been set up by the company; the program scripts, the magazine interviews, fansigning events to manipulate fanaccounts. Believe what you think is true. SM ENT is a veteran company. An artiste behavior infront of the camera has already been prepared; moreover most of what you are seeing now, build the foundation of their future. They have set high expectations for this group.

K needs more fans, therefore every member of this subgroup has been thoroughly deliberated.

The beloved one is related to the sky.

Tak ada yang lebih mengejutkan di bandingkan melihat Sehun saat ini. Maksudnya, dia adalah musuh bebuyutan Chanyeol dalam dunia perfilman. Tetapi saat ini lelaki itu berdiri di depan pintu dengan wajah yang entah bagaimana bisa terlihat menggemaskan, jauh dari tabiatnya yang selama ini terlihat. Baekhyun jadi berpikir jika dua orang di depannya kini memiliki kepribadian yang tertukar. Seakan tak peduli, anak itu memekik heboh.

Pipinya mendadak memerah, berkhayal sejenak jika kini dirinya tengah di perebutkan dua pangeran tampan. Ia memandang punggung tegap Chanyeol malu-malu. Sedangkan yang di tatap justru sedang menggeram seperti binatang buas yang hendak menerkam mangsanya. Setahu Baekhyun, Chanyeol adalah anak tunggal di keluarganya. Aku hanya ingin memberitahumu jika ayah mengajakmu makan malam bersama.

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I look at him and then look at the CEO. I am busy and I’ll visit the place tomorrow. I start walking towards the door and Chanyeol makes way for me. I walk fast towards the elevator and press the floor button.

Maybe this years Idol athletic competition or whatever you call it in English xD I can get close with her?

Hye-jung is super smart and rich, but struggles with some real daddy issues that have led her to become a prolific sugar baby, dating rich older men. Sun-hee is such a typical teen girl: It also really gets into the truth of teen pregnancy and, later, teen motherhood. It also features a ton of multifaceted, interesting female characters all pursuing their individual dreams.

It is a beautiful, bittersweet story of ill-fated young love — the best and most painful stories to tell. And it features the best and most relatable of all the movie monsters— the romantic werewolf. The film begins in the modern day: Kim Sun-yi has traveled with her granddaughter back to Korea to sell her childhood home. When she arrives, she remembers her time spent there as a chronically-ill teenager — particularly a darling feral boy named Chul-soo she and her mother discovered living in the surrounding woods and adopted into the family.

Song Joong-ki gives a fantastic performance as the sympathetic wolf boy with huge, expressive eyes. Those last 20 minutes will knock you on your ass.

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Pekikannya terdengar saat puluhan wartawan menghadiahinya dengan mikrofon dan blitz kamera yang menyakitkan mata.

Afterwards they ventured further south to perform for Melbourne fans and also take part in media promotions. Along with individual interviews, there was a press conference held where the members took questions from a crowd of media. In particular one question has gone on to blow up in a pretty huge controversy. A representative from Kmusic asks: And just today the TRB in New York concert has been ended early with the high touch event being cancelled completely after death threats were made.

Personally I believe Rapmon’s comment and the resulting backlash exposes several issues within Kpop and a global audience. Racism is based upon the idea of a particular race being superior, whilst his comments were talking about the colour of skin. Some people may be quick to label those two things as one and the same but South Korea is a very different and homogenous country in comparison to more blended and multicultural western societies. As a condensed backstory pale skin colour preference in Korea is a beauty ideal much like how a tan is desirable in Australia.

In Korea this ideal stems from much older times and was a reflection of status and wealth. Previously the rich and elite would stay inside all day and were protected from the sun, so they were pale. Meanwhile the poor or peasant class would work all day in the fields and get a tan. As a result pale skin became an ideal as it was seen as a reflection of being upper class, whilst tan was poor.