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Ask Question Step 2: I used a pair of scissors to carve a hole, simply for the fact that I was too lazy to get out the drill, find the appropriate bit, and put it away, just for one hole. If you have more gumption than I, by all means, go ahead and drill it. Add Tip Ask Question Step 3: This will make it easier to get in the hole on the cap. Add Tip Ask Question Step 4:

Basic Saltwater Aquarium Set Up; Marine Tank Diagrams, Equipment Suggestions

FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half Here is an idea I had been playing with and these are the basics of what I am going to be doing except I think I will use copper piping instead of vinyl but this is the basics of a good sized water chiller for all of use hydro and aero growers as you all know water temps in the res can get little warm and you wanna keep them 68 or slightly under.

Here the DIY chiller using few tools and basically some copper tubing and a small mini fridge.. A rather quick and inexpensive method for maintaining a steady system temperature, especially during those long hot summer months. While not as efficient as commercial chillers, this is a viable alternative and will draw your water temp down surprisingly well. Use a pre-set or variable heater to “balance” the temp within the sump and it’ll become “hands-free”!

You also need to make sure each suction cup is flush with the spools, as this is what will ensure each one is on a level plane, essential if you want to create a suction for each solar cell.

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Aquarium Air Pump for sawdust blower duty

Even if you already have those numbers, you still have to find a name to trust. Take a look at this water softening systems review list and find the one that best suits your needs. The best water softener for your home could just be hiding among these finds.

Water will generally transfer from the least concentration side to the higher contamination side as equal concentration will give equal pressure.

Turns out, it’s not at all. The best part is, my aquarium has been doing so much better since I added this system, mainly because I don’t forget to add fertilizers anymore! It’s a perfect weekend project! Here’s what you will need: A plastic container, clear. I used a “dry-goods” container, but any container that holds liquid and is large enough will work. A powerhead or pump.

Adding sump to existing tank

My Touch Interface Aquarium Controller Arduino Grab a beer and a bag of potato chips, because this is one incredibly long post. Sorry, but I didn’t know how else to do it. If you don’t like reading, just scroll down to pictures.

When it is ready, turn off and unplug the pump.

Tue Jan 19, It doesn’t take any more time because I use 2 buckets and just switch back and forth as one bucket fills. When I don’t do filter maintenance, sometimes I’ll just use the water hose if it doesn’t look like I have much to vac up off the sand. For me, the problem with using buckets is filling them with tap water most sinks cant accomodate a large bucket , and then dumping them into the tank without spilling it all over. I don’t consider it much of a hassel to drain water into a bucket, carry it around, and then dump out the door or down the drain.

Maybe that’ll change as I get older or do it a couple hundred more times, but for now its just part of the routine. I should add that for my 30g tank in the upstairs bedroom, I use buckets for draining and refilling, but its not a big deal because I only have to change 15 gallons of water. I use 3 buckets, drain into all 3 at once, dump them down the tub, refill all 3 in the tub at the same time, treat each bucket with prime, and then dump them in the tank.

connecting two tanks to one sump

This filter can then often take the place of refugiums or similar when run with a Fluidized Sand Bed filter that is also running with nitrate removing NPX Bioplastics see the next section for more. I have set up many high end aquariums in this manner, where the client would NOT appreciate a low quality set up! Be wary of those who slam these or similar systems, as they have probably have not done their homework or are trying to sell you more than you might need!!

Saying this another way, you do NOT have a to have a complex marine aquarium system with dosers, reactors, and more just to enjoy a healthy marine fish or reef aquariums!!

Select a location for the Elite Mini A pump.

Thursday, 31 July Why are livies more successful at attracting predatory fish? In essence, your live baitfish will send out vibrations that indicate it is in distress, which of course, predatory fish can sense via their lateral line; and your livie may even be bleeding slightly directing scent also to the olfactory armoury of a hungry piscatorial thug. Would you love to keep your baits alive longer and reap the rewards of fishing all day or night with energetic live bait? Step 1 — The Good Gear: In the centre hole, place one cable tie through in a loop that you can use to lift up the lid.

Then, a couple of inches under the rim of the bucket, make a hole just slightly shy of the three-quarter inch hose diameter this will be for your input hose. Then, off to each side a bit and about three inches further down from the inlet hole, place another two identical holes for your drainage hoses. Step 3 — The Plumbing: Take the longer 1. Then place a cable tie tightly on the hose either side of the inlet hole to stop it shifting.

Fit the aerator bar to the end of the hose and secure it with a hose clamp the holes on the bar should face towards the bucket wall so they splash incoming water against it and increase oxygenation. On the other end fit the submersible pump with another hose clamp.

Do It Yourself Bucket Drip Irrigation

What Does a Sump Pump Do? The simple answer is that a sump pump is built to move unwanted water from one spot to another. In the plumbing world, we use sump pumps and ejector pumps to dewater flooded basements, pits or open excavations all the time. These underground chambers are also common in other places like Toronto or Edmonton.

To test them, I hook up one of the filter adaptors see above to a faucet, using Python part number 69HD brass faucet adaptor.

I’ll check into the flow rate. I won’t be pumping water from my pipes, it will be from a 6. Then after the first run I will fill the bucket again with ice water for better cooling than tap. I also suggest getting a quick disconnect to go on top of the pump. Screwing a hose on to it each time was some what of a pita. Awesome, looks like it just has a standard male GHT right? My wort chiller has a standard female GHT so that could definitely work.

Yes, it’s a male end on top of the pump. And to clarify my pervious statement since it sounded a little confusing when I reread it. You only need one hose if you are hooking up to an out door spigot first and then switching to the pump. But you could probably just hook the chiller right to the pump if you are brewing indoors.

Aquarium Cleaning

Advances in aquarium keeping technology has made this notoriously difficult division of the aquarium-keeping hobby affordable and accessible to an increasingly large number of people. As a maintenance professional, one of the common issues that I have to address is under-filtered aquariums. I often see small aquariums with a live coral setup, with a filtration system that lacks a protein skimmer.

Because this is not an ideal situation, my recommendation is always to add a skimmer to the display. The sump is a tank located underneath the main display aquarium, the overflow box is the device that safely without floods delivers the water to the sump tank below. In most instances, adding sump to existing tank is as easy as a few simple steps.

If there are any leaks, drain the panel, dry the area around the leak thoroughly and seal with more adhesive, allowing another 24 hours to dry.

Attach three pieces of plastic tubing the other side of the gang valve, making sure they are long enough to reach to the bottom of a 5-gallon bucket. Attach air bubblers to each of the three pieces of tubing. Step 2 fill cheesecloth with good compost Add Compost Fill a piece of cheesecloth with enough compost to fill 4″ of the bottom of the bucket. Place the compost in the bucket, making sure the three bubblers are underneath.

Fill the bucket with dechlorinated water almost to the top. Step 3 aerate compost tea to make an aerobic brew Brew Compost Tea Plug in the pump and turn it on. The compost tea needs to brew for two or three days and should be stirred occasionally. The tea should have a pleasant, sweet odor. When it is ready, turn off and unplug the pump. Step 4 use tea brew as a soil drench Feed Plants To use as a foliar feed, strain compost tea through a coffee filter into a sprayer.

Spray directly on plants.

The Woefully Underappreciated Sponge Filter

Using the videos above for guidance and inspiration, scalvage: Solid door – Or top of computer desk, entertainment center shelves, etc. Aluminum gutter down spouts or corrugated sheet metal, painted black or even some wire screen from window screens. Use the solid door as the base for the project and the glass door as the top. The first thing is, the pop cans probably don’t help all that much.

Pull enough airline through the elbow to thread it through the bulk-head fitting in the jar lid, then screw the PVC elbow into the bulk-head fitting.

In nature, contaminant which dissolved into water normally exists in the form of ions commonly referred to as salt. This is used as a separation medium between water having two different concentration of salt. Water will generally transfer from the least concentration side to the higher contamination side as equal concentration will give equal pressure. Applying water pressure to this process is known as osmotic pressure which is commonly referred to as osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis filtering process work off the same principle. Reverse Osmosis typically has a membrane style filter that works in the same way as the pig bladder. Compared with size of virus which range in size from 90 to angstrom and the size of bacteria which has size in the range of to 2, , Angstrom , the reverse osmosis membrane technology when installed properly and used with a check valve can effectively sterilize the water. After the successful development of the semi-permeable membrane over forty years ago, the first Reverse Osmosis RO water filtration systems were developed.

In mid s, the first residential low pressure semi-permeable membranes were developed and available to the public. Because the reverse osmosis filters are rated in output range of 50 to gallons per day 24 hour period , water does not pour out of the filter like you get from a household tap. The RO water is produced in a slow, steady, almost dripping stream. Adequate water pressure is usually not a problem with residential water supplies.

The RO membranes used in these systems will require around 40 to 80 psi to operate at their rated efficiency you have to check the requirements of each individual system as some are different than others.

How to Make a Simple Mini Pump (Fish Tank / Aquarium Water Pump)