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This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message Shawnee and establishment[ edit ] In the years after the American Revolution , the Shawnee were the most prominent residents of west central Ohio, growing in numbers and permanency after the Treaty of Greenville. By , the United States had created the Hog Creek Reservation for the local Shawnee, covering portions of what would become Allen and Auglaize counties , and including part of present-day Lima. In the Shawnee were forced to surrender all their land in the area to the United States and relocated to Kansas , opening all of Allen County to settlement. The Ohio legislature mandated that a county seat be established and “Lima” was the result. The name “Lima” was reputedly chosen in a nod to the Peruvian capital which, during the s, was a major source of quinine , an anti- malaria drug for which there had been a demand in the region, an area known as the Great Black Swamp.

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Far from condemning the phenomenon, Benko, a non-Catholic, goes even further in validating this example of inculturation.

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Industries[ edit ] Aerospace and defense[ edit ] Dayton is designated as the state’s aerospace hub due to its high concentration of aerospace and aviation technology. In , Governor Ted Strickland designated Dayton as Ohio’s aerospace innovation hub, the first such technology hub in the state. GE Aviation , headquartered in Evendale , is a major manufacturer of aircraft engines globally.

Dailey Foundation will help pay for staff and interns for the garden program.

In addition, Philadelphia was organizing a plan to build a similar transportation system across the state linking Pittsburgh. By that Fourth of July construction began with laying of a cornerstone in the city. There were celebrations and ceremonies to mark the occasion and Charles Carroll himself, the last living signer of the Declaration of Independence, was on-hand to take part in the festivities.

The goal was having the railroad reach the Ohio River at Wheeling, Virginia and connect Cumberland, Maryland along the way. However, the task would be very difficult as the rugged Allegheny Mountains lay in its path. The company would also face stiff political barriers from Pennsylvania, restricting an easier route through that state and forcing it to build across western Virginia. Perhaps most challenging was constructing a proper right-of-way and figuring out the curvature limits and grade severity a typical train could handle.

To aid in this endeavor engineers sailed to England, the birthplace of railroads, for ideas concerning construction and best practices. Its next task was in designing a track guideway for the trains’ wheels to follow. Once again, engineers found themselves in unknown territory as they experimented with various techniques from stone guideways with wooden beams to iron straps using the same principle.

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In , Lima Locomotive Works, Inc.

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A black basalt slab with a decree of Ptolemy V in three different languages Greek, demotic and hieroglyphics. Discovered at Rosetta in by French soldiers June Total eclipse of the Moon. Gallus before battle Greek Conquest: Anicius Gallus conquers Epirus Battle of Pydna.

Surviving are two sons, Vincent L.

I hope you will enjoy them. For comments or ideas, please email me at hank gotocarguys. We started by setting a record for the most Edsel’s ever on display in Bucyrus and probably Crawford county ever, with a whopping It seemed like every time this summer there was a car show it rained. Oh well, next summer will be better. While we Car guys are putting our classics to bed for the winter, soon it will be time to start planning next summer’s events, so watch for announcements and have great holidays with your families.

Hank’s Garage have already started to fill up with garage tours for the summer.

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With its beginnings dating back to , Coney is beloved by multiple generations of families. We recently unveiled a remarkable 1, square foot replica of historic Coney Island Amusement Park located on our second-level overlook. Anything but small, the Coney Island replica recreates the park as it was in featuring the Shooting Star roller coaster 40 feet long and 4 feet tall and the Ferris Wheel nearly 4 feet tall.

In , local industrialist John E.

We are an innovative company committed to securing personalized risk management solutions. Our Mission Innovation comes in many forms and is a lot more than the latest app or newest device. At SFM Insurance, we bring innovation to the insurance industry where it matters — in our coverage and customer service. We are driven to succeed, honestly We work hard and have fun doing it.

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