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Its unique geographical features include dense forests, widespread ravines and a network of long seacoasts, several rivers, lagoons and backwaters. Kannur is quite important historically. In the old days, it was one of the principal ports of Kerala. According to Marco Polo, the 13th century European traveller, this place was a ‘great emporium of spice trade’. Kannur was then ruled by the Kolathiri Rajas. In , the Portuguese arrived here, spearheading Kannur into political limelight. They built a fort in , and named it the St.

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May 23, May 24, In this picture, nursing staff of Kozhikode medical college wear masks. Ramesh Kurup A duty doctor at Kozhikode Medical college wears protective gear during his duty. Caregivers are at high risk, because the sicker the patients become, the more virus they secrete. Ramesh Kurup The natural host of the virus is fruit bats.

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Shop Archaeology Evidences of great Stone Age civilization are abundant in Kerala which includes rock-cut caves, dolmenoids, hat stones, umbrella stones, hood stones, menhirs, urn burials etc. Gold ornaments of this age have also been found out from Puliyoor at Alappuzha. A landmark in the excavation activities was the finding out of the remains of a yatch of 11th century AD from Thaikkal, Cherthala. A great library collection of ancient historic documents and books like stones and brass writings, long before printing has been introduced, are available at a school of Epigraphy at Sreepadam Palace, Thiruvananthapuram.

Kerala coinage starts with Gold Parasuraman Panam. Kaarshapanam of Magadha Mauryan period has been transacted in Kerala as is evidenced by Kottayam, Eyyal and Ankamali hoards. Ankamali hoard consists of Punch Marked Coins only. From Parasuraman Panam to silver Vira Kerala Panam and thereafter upto the security edged Chitra Half Rupee of old Thiruvithamcore, one could see a continuity though not rarely broken by interludes such as that of Kalabhra.

Shedding light in these appalling black holes of Kerala history is challenging. Vellichakram Silver chakram had been in circulation throughout Kerala right from the last phase of 16th century, as told by hoard obtained from the Siva Temple at Kasaragod.

Geography of Kannur District, Kerala

It is a Park which is constructed on top of Vayalapra kaayal. Payyambalam Beach is a Kannur beach with an unbroken coastline of a few kilometres. From the beach, one can see ships in transit along the Malabar Coast , from beyond Kozhikode moving towards Mangalore , Goa and Bombay Mumbai.

The visitors are allowed inside the synagogue from 10 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 5pm on all days except Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

The Muslims of Kerala are the descendents of the Arab traders who came to Kerala and married locally and finally settled down here. The Arabs, who landed here after the Jewish men, brought the first wave of Muslims settlers. They were the first peoples to build the first Mosque in this sub-continent at Kodungallur. They concentrated in the Malabar area and up to the 18th century they were mostly agricultural laborers, petty traders and soldiers in the Zamorin army. The state has a total coastline of km.

The state can be divided into three distinct regions; they are the eastern highlands, the central midlands and the western lowlands. The eastern region of the state comprises of high mountains, gorges and valleys which are immediately west of the Western Ghats’ rain shadow area. Forty one west flowing rivers and three east flowing rivers originate from this region.

The Western Ghats have an average height of ft 1, m above sea level, with highest peaks that reach around ft 2, m. The coastal belt is comparatively flat and is crisscrossed by an interconnected network of canals, estuaries, lakes and rivers which are collectively known as the Kerala Backwaters. Districts of Kerala Kerala is divided into 14 districts. The districts are further subdivided into 75 taluks, which are further divided into revenue villages. Nearly half of the population of the state is dependent on agriculture for income.

Rice is the most important cereal crop and staple food in Kerala.

Arakkal Kettu Kochi Kannur Kerala History & Architecture

Later, Kerala’s culture was elaborated on through centuries of contact with overseas cultures. Other arts are more religion- and tribal-themed. These include chavittu nadakom , oppana originally from Malabar , which combines dance, rhythmic hand clapping, and ishal vocalisations. However, many of these art forms largely play to tourists or at youth festivals, and are not as popular among most ordinary Keralites, who look to more contemporary art and performance styles, including those employing mimicry and parody.

Additionally, a substantial Malayalam film industry effectively competes against both Bollywood and Hollywood. Several ancient ritualised arts are Keralite in origin; these include kalaripayattu kalari “place”, “threshing floor”, or “battlefield” and payattu “exercise” or “practice”.

Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city is an abode of temples, mosques and churches.

Colonialism and foreign invasion has left a lot of landmarks in the lap of this small state. Kerala is indeed a paradise with lush greenaries interspersed with rich and unique landmarks. The magnificent forts, palaces and architectural monuments symbolises different dynasties, communities that existed in Kerala. They truly manifests the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Anjuthengu Fort As the name indicates Anjuthengu is a place full of coconut trees. The fort has got much historical relevance as it is the first major trading station of the East India Company.

It was also the first signaling station for ships arriving to Kerala. The nearest railway station is Kadakkavur railway station and the nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International airport. Bekal Fort Bekal fort, which is situated on the backdrop of Arabian seashore in Kasaragod district is the largest fort you can see in Kerala. The water-tank with its stairway, a mosque and a Hanuman temple at the entrance and the fascinating view of the surrounding areas from the fort makes it unique among other forts of Kerala.

Winter and summer seasons attracts more tourists to this magnificent and best preserved fort.

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Oct 13, A string of high profile Union ministers queued up for television interviews to protest Left violence against RSS cadres in Kerala. This is a state where the BJP has never won a Lok Sabha seat and where it won an assembly seat for the first time in

Cardamom and ginger are also exported.

Etymology[ edit ] Thalassery may have originated from the ancient Malayalam linguistic usage ‘Thala’ Head and ‘cheri’ low lying settlement place , thus Thalassery or ‘starting place of a settlement or head of a settlement’. It could also have emerged from Talakkathe cheri, a combination of ‘Talakkate’ Upper or north and ‘Cheri’ Settlement.

The administration manual vol. This is the stala purana of Tiruvangad Shree Ramaswamy Temple. Thalassery was also known as known as Tellicherry the anglicised form of the Malayalam name Thalassery during the European era and in the official documents until the end of s but the name Thalassery is now used officially.

It is suggested in the alternative that Thalassery is related to Thalassa Greek: Also Thalassery is known for three C’s: Cake , Cricket and Circus Thalassery was a major town where the French military base in Kerala was located. History of Thalassery Thalassery was a trade hub where Dutch , British , Portuguese Chinese , Arab , and Jewish traders had considerable influence in the spice market.

Vasco da Gama a painting- The trade alliance between Vasco da Gama and Kolathiri gave Portugal direct access to the spice trade market especially for pepper.

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Bharathapuzha, kerala’s longest river flows through it. Along with Idukki, it is the only district not to have a sea coast. The land is fertile and often called the granary of Kerala. Attapadi, an extensive mountain valley, is populated mainly by tribals.

Palakkad fort or the Tipus fort is a very important historic monument of Kerala, which witnessed the Mysorean invasion and the British colonialism.

By Anirban Das Mahapatra 27 November Kerala has been a favourite haunt of travellers for nearly years; exhilarating, enchanting and enthralling with its top-notch beauty and culture. Here are our favourite 10 activities that get under the surface of this incredible state. Mini guide to Kerala, India Cruise the backwaters No trip to Kerala is complete without a languid boat ride on its idyllic backwaters. Lined by emerald coconut plantations and interspersed with turquoise lakes, these placid lagoons are the perfect place to shake off pent-up urban stress.

For an extra-special experience, spend the night on board a houseboat, and witness a dreamy sunrise break over the serene bayous at dawn. Houseboats can be chartered through the District Tourism Promotion Councils in Kollam or Alleppey , or a multitude of private operators. The crisp air and clement weather in this scenic hill town are perfectly engineered to give you the most restful experience possible.

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Kerala Tourism of Kerala If there is one place in the riveting diversity of India where there is tangible beauty and a phenomenal thing like total literacy, it is in Kerala. Kerala is a state full of good things. This small state at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula is an easy winner owing to its beautiful landscape, intriguing customs, high-intensity cultural life and an educated public so often dressed in white.

From Kasargode to Thiruvananthapuram, the state in choc-a-bloc with places that attract tourists and travellers from all over the world.

The railway network in the state is controlled by the Thiruvananthapuram Railway division and the Palakkad Railway Division.

After spendingsometime at leisure, visit Kozhikode beach. An old lighthouse and the two crumbling piers, each more than a hundred years old, add more charm to this pleasing seashore. Entertainment facilities such as the Lions Park for children and the Marine water aquarium are added attractions at this beach. Later, drive to the nearby Kappad Beach – a historically significant location Enjoy the charming coastline of Kappad that ranks among the best in Kerala.

Overnight stay at Kozhikode DAY Muzhappilangad is a fast developing tourist spot in Kerala. Afterwards, reach Kannur and check in to your hotel for overnight stay. Unwind yourself in this splendid sandy beach. Spread over forty acres, Bekal fort is the biggest as well as best preserved fortress in the God’s own country. It was by originally built by medieval King Ikkeri Naikkan to shield his kingdom from aggressors. Overnight stay at Bekal.